Already Done! The Biblical Manifestation Seminar for Divine Feminine Queens

💫The Biblical Defintion for “manifest” is - to make apparent or clear. To be uncovered.

There are many truths that God always intended for us to believe and live by. Co-creating and dreaming with God to see His purpose fulfilled in your life is one of them.

By you uncovering the dreams and desires that God placed in you….speaking things into existence…you are being a creator just like your Father.

Your thoughts 👉🏾 beliefs 👉🏾 words 👉🏾 actions.

That’s why you can think or say something and it MANIFESTS in reality. Lol what’s so hard to understand here? The math isn’t mathing.

Stop being so afraid of words that you don’t do a word study to discover that God is the originator of all things….the source is what matters.

So, RichWife, are you ready to embrace the life that's been waiting for you? It's time to unlock the gifts and blessings that are already yours.

Here’s What We’ve Got Lined Up For You:

  • Understanding Divine Manifestation: Dive into what Biblical manifestation really means and how it can positively impact your life. This is about aligning with the divine to access what’s been prepared for you.

  • Embrace Your Inner Queen: By getting clarity on your desires you'll be able to manifest everything you've ever dreamed of and more; marriage, fulfilling relationships, financial abundance, and a life filled with joy and purpose.

  • Personal Transformation: Learn how to shed limiting beliefs and step into a new, empowered version of yourself. It's time for growth and transformation.

Remember that when I talk about marriage, it's only to an incredible man who's a leader, provdider, high calibre, a visionary and Godly!

It all starts with recognizing your own worth and understanding that you are deserving of all the blessings life has to offer.

Plus, a Special Bonus Just for You:

When you join us, you'll also get access to a replay of our previous seminar on manifestation. This extra resource will reinforce your learning and help you integrate these powerful concepts into your life.

Why Join “Already Done”?

Because, beautiful, there's so much more to your life than meets the eye. There are blessings and opportunities waiting for you, and this seminar is designed to help you uncover and claim them.

Ready to Discover More?

If you're feeling called to a deeper understanding and ready to access what’s been waiting for you, then this seminar is your next step. You will receive the audio to the new seminar on 26 March. 

Sign Up NOW!

Let’s embark on this journey together. Sign up for "Already Done - The Biblical Manifestation Seminar for Divine Feminine Queens" and move closer to the life you're meant to live. I can't wait to see you there!

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